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I'll give you "one on one"  personal training,  and you can have unlimited  monthly lessons for $240.  And the owner charges $99.00 a month for his Gym dues. Call me for all the details. 929-488-5353

 The Boxers workout takes about an hour, but you'll feel great after.  

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​Please Text me 929-488-5353  rather than email. Thank you!  Just below here is David with  friends Freddie Roach  Sugar Shane Mosely and Evander Holyfield,   and Rosie Perez they always know the benefits of staying in shape doing the boxers workout. 

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 cell #929-488-5353


 Gleasons gym 

​ 130 Water st. Brooklyn, NY 11201

​ My hours m-f,11am  to  9pm (est)   Saturday  10 to 5

Visit my instagram page (davidmurray128).

​​​​David Murray,   Boxing Trainer, Licensed by  the New York State Athletic Commission, for  Professional Boxers,and approved by for Amateur Boxers, (license below)  In Boxing 32 years since training as a Boxer at Gleasons  Gym near Madison Square Garden in 1984,  Boxed in  1987 New Jersey Golden Gloves.  I Trained Boxers at Manny Pacquiao's Gym In Manilla Philippines.  It was 90F most days there,  I  got in great shape. The Philippine people were nice people. It was a great experience for me being in the Philippines. Maybe Ill retire there some day! They gave me a nice letter too. See it on the next page here.   Also see my super fast speed bag performance at ..type in  the search line there.... " boxing trainer david murray speed bag". Im  in a blue shirt doing the speed bag very fast! tell me the truth, can you really see the speed bag?

I train Men, Women, and Children of all ages who want to do the Boxers workout to stay in shape, become amateur boxers or professional boxers too, whatever you'd like to do in boxing I can help you.    We have people 8 yrs old to 80 yrs old.  I treat everyone with respect, and never make you feel uncomfortable . Some people like to just do the workout and go home, others after a few months want to go in the Ring and Spar, whichever you like to do .The best way to contact me is to text  or call me  at 929-488-5353  and we"ll discuss anything you'd like.

   I can teach you all the things you see on my videos.  Many Trainers are slow , they cant do the pads as fast as I can. I can teach  you that too! Call me we'll have coffee and ill show you around. 929-488-5353